My Ode To Flats

Oh flat shoes,

I can’t say I like you.

You give me the blues

& I don’t know what to do.

Necessary to a wardrobe,

& sometimes very cute,

you are always comfy.

Like a stud to my earlobe,

you accent like a lute,

but my legs look stumpy…and I don’t care because heels hurt after 8 hours, dangit!


Ode To Summer

We live for Summer.

Well, a lot of us do.

It can be a bummer –

many expectations, all blues.

But, the beach in the morning

is the best at this time.

Quiet & filled with life.

There is no cause for warning

because it’s sublime

watching how the water moves with no strife.

Ode To The Sun

When I say ‘the sun’,

I mean to be under it.

Having its rays, none

else, near me for a bit.

The Summer, I’m ruled

by the sunshine, or dreaming

of it. The Fall, I’m waving

goodbye. By Winter, I’m fooled

into its return by gleaning

slices of it & craving.

Oh, sun.

My Ode To My Christmas Gifts

Christmas was wonderful –

presents did abound.

Products by Naked & Sephora were plentiful,

and very much did astound.

But the best gift

was the food & time

with family & friends.

No product can lift

my heart to the sublime

like how laughter blends.