Review: Skinfood Hand Gel & Tony Moly Lip Balm

THIS HAND GEL LOOKS LIKE A GUMMY BEAR. SQUEE! It’s very cute and probably 99.9% of the reason I spent $8 at Ulta on this. It’s by Skinfood, a Korean beauty company. Now, it’s clear and gelatin based. It almost made me think it was hand sanitizer. There is a faint smell of something fruity but it virtually had no fragrance. It worked ~okay~ at moisturizing, but it wouldn’t be my go to because it’s sticky. The second product is by Tony Moly. It’s a lip balm that’s berry flavored and looks like a FRIGGIN PANDA. BUT. It’s $9.50. Quite pricy for something that doesn’t even do it better than ChapStick. This was a sticky balm that almost felt like more of a gloss. Also, no applicator so I had to use my finger. I probably won’t spend the time on this again. It’s not worth it for the price. 


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