Review – Serum & Cream Samples

I scored a TON of free samples in my last Sephora haul. One of the upsides of that haul was it was paid for entirely by gift cards I redeemed my credit card points for. So, I noticed I was breaking out this week. It was due to stress. I was working at my church’s Greek festival, and on top of that I pulled a muscle in my upper back so I got very little exercise. I had gone makeup free a couple of days and started chugging as much water as possible in hopes of clearing my skin. I ran out of my Burt’s Bees spot treatment stick (which is basically tea tree oil), so I was SOL. Anyway, night one I tried the Hope In A Jar cream by Philosophy. I really liked the scent and it seemed to dry up my pimples. However, it seemed like the cream would kind of peel off, if that makes sense? The next morning, I could tell my zits were smaller and less noticeable. A couple of nights later, I tried the Ole Henriksen serum. It’s a Vitamin C serum, so I was nervous it would bother my skin too much. While it did tingle a bit, my skin felt much tighter. I would be open to definitely trying the Ole Henricksen product again. 


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