Review – Andalou Naturals Face Masks

Sorry for a short post, you guys! I purchased these masks by Andalou Naturals, and tried them a while back. They cost about $3 at Whole Foods (of all places). The pumpkin face mask definitely felt tingly, like it was tightening up my skin. I remember that my skin did feel a little dry after I washed the mask off. My favorite of the two was the soothing mask. I liked that my skin felt softer after I used it. Would I buy again? Eh. Maybe. I wasn’t sold on the tingly feeling I got from the pumpkin mask and they do run high compared to other masks on the market. 


Review – Wine Face Mask

I’ve been having a rough time lately, which I will probably write about later. I felt the need for a face mask to help rejuvenate my skin, and I found this baby at Ulta for about $5, which is a little more pricy than what I normally pay. 

I’m not a yuuuge fan of paper masks. Like at all. I think they’re annoying and feel like they’re about to slide off my face. They also kind of make you look like an alien:

Besides my misgivings, I enjoyed this mask. It didn’t cause my sensitive skin to break out, and it pretty well moisturized my face. I was a little let down it didn’t look like a shade of Pinot Noir or smell like a glass of Cabernet though. Oh well, ya can’t win them all. 

P.S. Stress is a killer, don’t forget to take your makeup off at night.