Review: Aromi Lip Color

aromi swatch in sassy and sweet marsala

Since most popular so-called indie brands are headed by complete douche canoes AND are stupid expensive for no discernible reason, I was please to discover this brand Aromi. I came across them via a Buzzfeed article mentioning the best under-the-radar makeup on Etsy. I decided to try two of their products, a regular lipstick in Sassy, which is the top swatch, and a liquid lipstick in Sweet Marsala. Sassy comes up pretty nude. It’s got a slight pink tint, and I had to really try hard to get it to appear on my ghostly white arm. It was like your average cream lipstick, moisturizing with a bit of color. Sweet Marsala…ah…I loved the color. It’s a berry red. The formula wasn’t as drying as Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which is a problem among long lasting liquid lipstick in general. However, by the end of the regular work day, the color faded considerably. Both lipsticks run about $17. I wasn’t stoked on the price. I would consider buying from them again though, even to have another alternative to the Instagram famous beauty brands out there.

Aromi Liquid Lipstick Sweet Marsala


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