Review: Skin Food by AB Pit Cream and Lip Tint

Skin Food By AB Product Package

I was really intrigued by Skin Food for AB, and especially stoked that they’re from Ohio. I purchased the pit cream detox because I noticed my deodorant wasn’t working as well, and I figured this product wouldn’t hurt to try. I thought it would be a very thick cream and slightly worried it would cause an eczema attack because it was charcoal based. It turns out it was more like a mousse. It’s very light and fluffy, and the deal is, you put it under your pits for about 10-15 minutes then wipe clean with a warm washcloth. I did this after working out and before my morning shower. I was surprised at the fact it worked. I noticed my clothes weren’t smelly anymore. The second product I bought was a tomato based lip tint. The color is very, very faint. It was hard to get a good swatch because it didn’t look like I was wearing anything on my lips. The tomato scent was faint, but I didn’t care. I love tomatoes. I liked the lip tint was bigger and got more product out of it. It’s not very moisturizing, it’s kind of thick-ish, but I was okay with that.

Skin Food By AB Pit DetoxSkin Food By AB Pit Detox CreamSkin Food By AB Tomato Lip Tint


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