Fat and the Moon Review

So, it’s been awhile since I posted a review. Or anything. I started looking for a new job (and got one!), and that pretty much consumed my life for a few months. Since I’m sick right now, I figure it’s a great time to start blogging again. Also, yay green juice and Netflix documentaries!

kim possible sick

I’ve been using Queen Bee Apothecary’s deodorants for several months now. I noticed recently that it wasn’t working as well as it normally does. My clothes were smellier even after a day of normal wear. I then happened upon a Buzzfeed article about indie brands on Etsy, so I started to peruse these shops. Fat and the Moon was one of these shops. I decided to sample their Lil Deodorant Cream and Lil Sensitive Pit Cream.

Fat and the Moon Deodorant Creams

I used both creams and didn’t have any allergic reaction which is nice. Both are lemon scented and kind of reminded me of Tom’s of Maine’s Deodorant. I used both during a regular day at work, and I work an office job, and before circuit training. I felt like they worked pretty well. My clothes weren’t smelly, and after the gym I didn’t raise my arm and have the pits of death smell. The one downside to this product, though, is that you have to wash your hands after you apply it ┬ábecause duh, you’re using your hands to apply the cream. I would definitely consider buying a full size though.

Fat and the Moon Deodorant Creams Sample