Why I Quit Birchbox

I have been a Birchbox subscriber since 2011. I remember catching wind of this company while reading a copy of Cosmo. Someone asked how they could try samples of beauty products, and Birchbox and Glossybox were both mentioned. Glossybox was more expensive, so I opted to do a month-to-month subscription with Birchbox.

At first, the samples weren’t bad. It was hit or miss, but eventually they hit their stride and started sending me products that were cool. Granted, several of the products they sent me I couldn’t afford in full sizes, but I loved them! It was neat getting a present each month, and for $10 I ended up receiving samples that would come in handy if I was traveling or just happened to run out of shampoo or conditioner.

Birchbox Wings

Well, as time went on, I became non-plussed. A lot of the samples were just “meh”. Anytime I would get an eyeshadow, it was a nude shimmery shadow. I WOULD ONLY GET PINK LIPSTICK. So annoying. I said in my profile that I was interested in face and hair care, but there were times I would end up with so many shampoo + conditioner samples I would run out of room in my shower. Several of these products, like I’ve mentioned before, I couldn’t even afford in full sizes.

Stanley Eyeroll

So, what’s a girl to do? All things considered, it was NOT worth $110 a year. I started perusing online and found out I wasn’t the only one. In a Racked.com article, they talk about if this is the end of Birchbox. I emailed and called the company and requested they cancel my subscription. I received my last box in November. Someone I work with gave me her unused October Ipsy bag. I loved it! The eyeshadow and lipstick were actual colors ā€“ reddish brown for the eyeshadow, and a berry color for the lipstick. I don’t think I could afford it at this time, but maybe one day!

There are several blog posts and articles online discussing how much Birchbox sucks. This post by MommyReporter discusses another important flaw in Birchbox ā€“ they don’t particularly cater to women of color. Now despite my whiteness, I don’t dig if a company doesn’t look to represent women of different races. If you’re a makeup company only swatching your shadows and lipsticks on white skin, to me that illustrates your shortsightedness and I’m not down to support that. My friends who are POC have said the fact that Birchbox sends them certain types of hair products is irritating because they have chemical relaxers in their hair and they can’t use an average clarifying shampoo, for instance.

Farewell, Birchbox.

Bye Felicia


One thought on “Why I Quit Birchbox

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