LUSH Cosmetics Review

Back in September, I visited Oxford, England, for a friend’s wedding. I stopped by the LUSH store, because how can you not stop by a LUSH store, and also I needed some face wash and something for my chapping lips.

LUSH Cosmetics Let The Good TImes Roll Face and Body Cleanser

I picked up Let The Good Times Roll face and body cleanser. I was tickled by the fact there’s actual popcorn in it! It was a lightly exfoliating cleanser that’s yellow in color. It smells buttery and sweet, like a sugar cookie. When I got back home, I went to Beachwood Mall and had to pick up a second pot because I was running low. I didn’t even care it cost $12.

LUSH Cosmetics Buttered Brazils lip balm

The second product I picked up was Buttered Brazils. I didn’t realize it was made with Brazil nuts, which I’m allergic to. It was grainy, and even though it helped a bit with the chapping on my lips, I didn’t care for it. It was about $10.


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