Review: Rimmel 24/7 Eyeliner & Kate Lipstick

Okay. Can you imagine how stoked I was to find coupons for beauty products? SUPER STOKED. Granted, it wasn’t the cruelty free brands I prefer to buy, but hell, I can try something new. I had been using Eyeko eyeliner and love the precision of a pen. I almost preferred it to a brush and gel liner.

Rimmel Color Precise Liner

The first time I used Rimmel Color Precise Eyeliner, which promises to last for 24 hours, I was pretty happy with it. The line wasn’t as dark as the Eyeko line, but it was usable and for around $6, I’d say it was a good deal. Well, well, well… The second time I used this product, a line barely showed up! It was already drying out it seems. Super annoyed, I tested it out on my hand and realised if I pressed IT REALLY HARD, I’d get something out of it. THIS IS NOT HOW BEAUTY PRODUCTS SHOULD WORK, ESPECIALLY ON THE Rimmel Kate Lipstick 001SECOND USE.

The second Rimmel product I used, which I was actually slightly more impressed by, was the Kate lipstick. The color I purchased was a berry red. It was a little deep for day use, as in wearing it to the office. It reminded me of Bite’s lip color in Juniper. It was moisturizing and in comparison to Hard Candy’s lip color, at least lasting through a whole meal. It also had a fruity scent, so that was unique. If I didn’t have a coupon for this product, however, I probably wouldn’t have bought it nor would I re-try it. I simply wasn’t impressed enough by the color, and as far as I know, Rimmel does in fact test on animals when it’s required by law. So, boo.


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