Review: Hard Candy Lipsticks

Y’know, I kick myself every time. When I reviewed Wet N Wild a couple of months ago, I lamented how despite there are affordable cruelty free products available at Walmart, a majority of the time they’re simply not good quality. This time – against my better judgement – I made the same error.

I purchased two Hard Candy lipsticks from Walmart. One was Hard Candy’s Plumping Gel Stick in Beloved, and the other was the Fierce Effects Lipstick in Sly-Lac. The Fierce Effects lipstick ~sort of~ resembled Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss lipstick in its packaging. Also, I wanted a fun color that didn’t cost $20. Each of these products cost $5.00.

Well, sometimes you get what you pay for, everybody. Hard Candy Lipsticks

The Plumping Gel Lipstick went on SO NUDE it looked like I wasn’t wearing anything. I like a good nude lipstick, but damn, if I wanted to look like I’m wearing no makeup, I’d wear no damn makeup. The Fierce Effects lipstick gave a nice lavender color but it wore off after one meal. I know the lipstick wasn’t intended to be long lasting, at least it didn’t say as much, but shoot. That’s what you get when you spend $5 I guess.


I would not waste my money on these products again.


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