Review: Everyone Body Oil

Because I’m lazy and wait til the last minute to buy my beauty staples like Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, or coconut oil, I was forced into trying something new. Haha, I act like trying new things is a bad thing but really, I just hate spending a ton of money on beauty products.

Everyone Body Oil was about $12 at Heinen’s, a regional grocery chain in the Midwest. There were a few different varieties, but I chose the Good Love scented body oil. It’s yellow in color and has a light, citrus scent. It says you can use this product in the bath, for a massage, or on your skin. I chose to simply use it as a moisturizer.

Everyone Body Oil Good LoveIt works just fine as a moisturizer. It’s cruelty free so that’s a plus. The only thing I noticed is that it’s not as viscous as coconut oil – it has a similar consistency of water. An 8 oz. bottle costs about as much as a jar of of coconut oil, so I’m not sure I would splurge on this product in the future. I didn’t have any adverse reactions with my sensitive skin, so that’s a second plus.


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