Review: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion

This stuff is the shit! I know Palmer’s has been around for ages. I know pregnant women know this is the trick to keep stretch marks in check. I know my friends who are African American love this product because of what it does for their skin.

I purchased this at Walmart for about $6. I needed some lotion and I didn’t want to spend $12 on a small bottle of an organic brand. It’s a thick lotion – almost like a body butter – and it smells like chocolate. Yep, like chocolate.

Palmers Cocoa Butter LotionWhat surprised me about this product after using it for a month, was its ability to minimize the spots of discoloration on my legs from picking at ingrown hairs. (Which is a habit I’ve now stopped.) I also have stretch marks and cellulite on my booty, and it seemed to help firm that area up. (Even though I do squats and lift, I haven’t done enough to kill the cellulite and obtain Serena Williams level status.)

Also, I’m surprised how long a regular bottle lasted me. I think this product is definitely worth including in anyone’s daily routine.


NOTD: Zoya & Literary Lacquers

I can never seem to take a good picture of my nails…ever. I need some Instagram queens to teach me how it’s done. By the way, Pretty Serious Cosmetics’ Crystal Coat is the best top coat I’ve used. Not only does it dry fast, but I swear it makes the mani last a couple of days longer. Also, Literary Lacquers has some unique shades in their Etsy shop. Check them out.

Base Coat: Pretty Serious Cosmetics Harden Up

Color: Zoya Nail Lacquer in Kristen

Other Color: Literary Lacquers in Goodnight Moon

Top Coat: Pretty Serious Cosmetics Crystal Coat

Zoya Kristen and Literary Lacquers Goodnight Moon