Review: My Pretty Zombie Cosmetics

My Pretty Zombie is an indie makeup company that’s been in the biz since 2008. Found online at, there’s a wide variety of eye shadows that are more complex than the average drugstore shade. Brisket is a copper-gold shade with a lot of shimmer. Everything Looks Better On A Meat Hook is a earth tone shade with an aqua shimmer to it. Anthrax is a purple shade that has a gold shimmer. Weird Dent is a bright gold color. All of the shadows are loose shadows that come in a small jar. Take care when applying, it may be best to do your eyes first then apply face makeup. Also, the shadows wore well without a primer. Most eyeshadow sets are $20, which is cheaper than any Urban Decay palette (no shade! no pun either!).

My Pretty Zombie Package

MPZ also has blushes and setting powders. MDMA is a light pink blush, and Reclusa is a peach shade. The setting powders come in white, mint, or violet and can be used for color correction. Mint would combat redness, violet yellowness, and neutral – which is a white powder – would be for people with neither red or yellow undertones.

The best bet would be to check out MPZ’s Best Sellers set. You’ll get three sample pouches, and three full sized eyeshadows. Plus, a full sized blush. Besides, it comes with a free pin, free sticker, and some Pez candy! Everything is available online only. Also, My Pretty Zombie is NOT to be confused with Pretty Zombie Cosmetics, the former only selling liquid lipsticks.My Pretty Zombie Swatches 1

Pictured top to bottom: Brisket, Everything Looks Better On A Meat Hook, Anthrax, Weird Dent, MDMA blush, Reclusa blush. The last two are very faint to see, and this was taken in the best light my apartment had. 


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