Review: Queen Bee Trading Co.

This is an indie company out of Rockwell, North Carolina. I discovered her Etsy shop on a blog for indie and cruelty free makeup called, Phyrra – Beauty for the Bold. I looked through her products and coincidentally realized I did need some face wash and deodorant.

Since I have sensitive skin, I’m always wary of purchasing new products, especially natural ones which may overuse essential oils. I decided to try the Chamomile & Cucumber Sensitive to Normal Facewash. For 4 ounces, it cost $9.00. I think Burt’s Bees Sensitive Skin Cleanser runs close to that at $7.99 anywhere you go. When I first used the face wash, I was glad it wasn’t so thick and creamy like the Burt’s Bees one, which has a tendency to be difficult to rinse off. It didn’t have a particular odor to it, and did a good job of getting off any mascara I missed the night before. The only downside may be the price for just 4 ounces, but, you are buying something that is handmade and not created in a lab and shipped to the store – and kudos for that.

Queen Bee Apothecary Deodorant and Facewash

The second product I tried was the Strawberry Natural Vegetable Deodorant. It cost $8.50 which is the same price as any of the long-lasting sports deodorants by the big companies. I was pleasantly surprised! Not only did I smell fine by the end of the work day, when I reapplied before boot camp (HIIT training) class, I didn’t smell gross afterwards. This deodorant goes on clear and actually smells like strawberry shortcake. I’d definitely buy it again. It even stood up to Healthy Deodorant’s LaVanilla scent, which is like $11 at Sephora, and one of the only other non-chemical laden deodorants out there that works.

Check out this shop at:


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