Review: Pacifica Supernatural Eyeshadow Trio & Gel Liner

Pacifica Supernatural Eyeshadow and Gel Liner SwatchesPacifica is a brand that has blossomed in the last couple of years for being both vegan-friendly and free of toxins. What’s good about Pacifica is that it’s available everywhere from Target to Ulta. I used their cream to powder eyeshadow trio in Stone, Cold, Fox, along with their eye liner gel in Tahitian Pearl. Both products are close to $12.

What I liked about the eyeshadow was there was a shimmer to each shade. However, it was difficult to apply with a brush, and when I tried applying and blending each shade with my fingertips, I didn’t get great color on my lids. I don’t know if this is because I didn’t use a primer/base, but I wasn’t pleased. The box also didn’t label what color was what, but I’m going to assume Stone is the grayish shade, Cold is the white shade that could work well as a highlighter, and Fox is the reddish shade which lasted the longest.

On the other hand, I enjoyed the gel eyeliner in Tahitian Pearl. It was a shimmery, green-black and went on easily with an eyeliner brush. In comparison to Mac’s eyeliner gel, this was easy to use. I liked this product for sure. The only downside is if you’re looking for a thick, black line, this won’t do the trick. You’re still going to have to use a liquid liner for that. However, I would consider buying it again…if it were on clearance.


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