Review: The Body Shop Youth Essence Line

I was sent an amazing set of full-sized samples courtesy of The Body Shop. They wanted me to try out their Drops Of Youth line, which is mild enough for sensitive skin and doesn’t bear any strong fragrances. You can read my first review of part of this line here. I was sent five products: Youth Essence Lotion, Youth Concentrate, Youth Cream, Youth Eye Concentrate, and Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask. I’m going to review three of their products – Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask, Youth Cream, and Youth Concentrate.

Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask – $32.99 – Similar to the Youth Cream, this product is a opaque white lotion. Inside the box, it shows instructions on how to give yourself a face massage. It also comes with a small plastic spoon to help with application. It’s a pretty large jar, so you’ll be getting a lot of product for the price. I personally didn’t like this as much as the other two lotion/creams in this line. When I applied it at night after removing my makeup, I felt like it didn’t quite absorb into my skin.

The Body Shop Youth Essence Line

Youth Cream – ?? – I couldn’t find a price for this product online, but most products in the line cost around $30. I liked the Youth Cream as a night cream. It absorbed directly into my skin and didn’t feel greasy in any way. It wasn’t heavy at all. I’d definitely consider this product as a part of my daily routine.

Youth Concentrate Serum – $38 – I used a few drops of this serum under my normal daily moisturizer with SPF. Since it’s a serum, it’s thicker than a lotion or cream – especially the lotions or creams in this line. A little bit goes a long way with this one, so only 2-3 drops will do. It also dries or absorbs fast, as opposed to the Youth Essence Lotion, which I had been using. I’d probably consider using this nightly around the eye area to help combat dark circles.


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