My Top 4 Favorite LUSH Products!

LUSH Products to Love

I’m a huge fan of LUSH Cosmetics. They make a concerted effort to not only be eco-friendly and  cruelty free, but to put their love into each product they create. If you’re new to this brand, you may not know what to try first. Here are four of my (new) favorite products:

ROOTS Hair Treatment – $20 – If you’re experiencing hair thinning or a lot of shedding, this treatment is top notch. You apply it to dry hair, massaging it into the scalp, and leave on for 10 minutes (or more). The peppermint oil will make your scalp tingle, but after one use, you’ll have hair that feels healthier, and thicker. In just three washes, I’ve noticed positive results in my hair. I should also mention this is a PRE shower treatment. Use this before you shampoo and condition regularly.

Lush Products Beauty HaulSugar Scrub – $6.25 – This sugar scrub smells like a spa. It smells so good and invigorating because of the ginger and fennel, but it also contains soothing lavender. The plus side to this exfoliant? It’s tough on cellulite.

Popcorn Lip Scrub – $9.95 – Okay, for a small lip scrub, this is pricy. Then again, all lip scrubs are pricy. But this salty-sweet exfoliant tastes so good and leaves lips so smooth. Give it a try. It can be a splurge purchase.

Oatfix Facemask – $9.95 – I’ve tried another LUSH Fresh Face Mask before called Catastrophe Cosmetic. It worked great for my sensitive skin and smelled like blueberries. Oatfix is also great for sensitive skin. It’s calming, and when it’s time to wash off, it doesn’t get hard or cake-y. Leave it on for 10 minutes, or 25 like I did. AND, it smells like cookies.


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