Review: Almay Intense Everyday Neutrals Review

Almay Intense i-Color Everyday Neutrals

As a fan of Urban Decay’s Naked palettes, which cost an arm and a leg, I’ve been on a mission to find something comparable in not only color, but in length of wear.

While in Walmart one day, I decided to give Almay’s Intense Everyday Neutrals palette a try. And, it only cost $5.95!

What is helpful about this little shadow palette is that it gives users a guide as to how to apply the shadows. If you’re not familiar with blending shadows quite yet, this starter palette may be right for you. The darker, larger shadow goes on the bottom lid. The lighter shadow blends in the crease, and the lightest shadow is a highlighter and is applied to underneath the brow area.

Almay Intense Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

I really like each color in this individually. I liked the copper brown shadow, I liked the medium non-obnoxious purple, and I liked the light, shimmer shadow. I just didn’t like them as a combination. As a color palette that’s supposed to be wearable for the day, as in wearable in an office, for instance, this did not work. It would be great for a less-intense nighttime look. But I was genuinely let down. I even thought, “Who at Almay picked these shades to go TOGETHER?!”

Would I recommend buying this? Yes. If only for the individual colors. The shadows applied easily and lasted all day, so that was a plus, too. I did also like the oblong shape of the palette, which would definitely make it easier to carry in a makeup bag.

P.S. Don’t forget to use brushes to apply your shadow!


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