Beauty Blogging and The Class System

One of the things I struggle with as a beauty blogger is how much money is required to actually blog. I go on Instagram or other girls’ blogs, and sometimes I think, “How can I even compare?”

I work full time; I have bills to pay. I don’t really have the cash to throw away $50 on a new Urban Decay eyeshadow palette or $22 on some Tarte lipstick. Even though I want to. I desperately want to.

Bill Lumbergh Meme Makeup Costs Too Much

 I would love to spend $100 on a new ionic hair  straightener, or buy boars bristle hair brushes. I  wish I had $300 on a keratin treatment. But the  fact is, I don’t have disposable cash like that  anymore. Even before my move, I don’t think I  would’ve spent money like that because I couldn’t  justify it.

 Which got me thinking about class. Some women  just have better financial situations because they  worked for it, or they come from wealthier  backgrounds, and that’s why it’s easy for them to spend money on makeup and blog about it. Can’t fault them as people for that. It just seem this section of the blogosphere definitely favors those with extra cash to spend. It doesn’t seem like many beauty bloggers (I mean the really popular ones) have conventional jobs, or limited time, like many people do.

That’s why there have been gaps in my blogging in the past – I just couldn’t justify spending money on a ton of makeup that I wouldn’t wear anyway because I have to appear professional at work, or I was job hunting and didn’t have time. But I don’t wanna give up on blogging because I love writing, especially about products I find to be profound or exceptionally lame.


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