Tess Munster – Beauty & Style Inspiration

I don’t think I could pin it down to one thing. Tess (Munster) Holliday is an inspiring lady.

I see a lot of myself in her. We’re both from the South – Mississippi and South Carolina, respectively – and we both dream of bigger things. She made it happen by moving to L.A., working hard, and now she’s signed by MiLK Model Management. All while being a single mom and maintaining a long distance relationship. Go her. Knowing that she did it, means damn well I can accomplish my goals too.

Tess Munster Instagram Picture

I love that she’s fearless. She doesn’t mind exposing herself to people, even if that means dealing with a-holes. She loves her body, and it’s inspired me to do the same. I’m beautiful regardless of if I wear a lot of makeup or none, whether I wax or don’t, if I’m chubby or lean. That’s what I’ve learned from following her on Instagram. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks – only what YOU think. Her clothes and jewelry are funky, and I love the punk rock attitude she has about it. What I learned from her is that you can wear what you want and look awesome, as long as you have the confidence.

I love how she translates the 1950s pin-up girl look into something modern and classy. For her, it’s just simple winged liner and red lips. How can anyone not love that? Moreover, it’s easy and fast to do, y’know, once you’ve mastered winging your liner.

So, in short, I adore Tess. (P.S. Photo credit to @tessholiday on Instagram.)

Xx – Steph


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