NYX Matte Black Eyeliner and La Amoureux Mascara

REVIEW: NYX Cosmetics Eyeliner & Mascara

I had been using Urban Decay’s 24/7 eyeliner and Calvin Klein’s volumizing mascara for awhile, and it just kept smudging and bothering my eyes. The Calvin Klein mascara gave me beautiful, big lashes, but by the afternoon it would dry out into little clumps and fall in my eye.

I went to Ulta in search of something different, and cheaper, and bought Nyx’s matte black liner and La Amoureux mascara. The eyeliner is just like any liner you’ll buy at your local drugstore, the only difference is Nyx is cruelty free. I was disappointed in the mascara. Every time I went to use it, I really had to move the brush around in the tube to get anything on the mascara brush. The brush gives great lift, but I sadly wasn’t impressed that it didn’t do better than the CK One mascara.


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