For all those curious about what brush is which…#bbloggers

This may seem like an odd thing to address – but I’m sick of picking up what I think is my designated powder brush and trying to get rid of the glare on my forehead and instead smearing bright pink blusher all over it!

My powder and blusher brushes look so similar! The one I use for my powder is slightly bigger than the other one, but it’s pretty hard to tell when you’re in a hurry and they’re mixed in with all the other brushes.

DSCN1533I got the Real Techniques (Nic’s picks) brushes for christmas which luckily included a cheek brush so I no longer have that problem, but I thought I’d still share my previous solution with you guys! It may seem obvious, but it took months of a pink forehead for me to work this out…

DSCN1534Mark the handle! I just used a bit of red nail…

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