Pin Up Girl Hot Set Hair

HOW TO – Pin Up Girl Hair With Remington Hot Rollers!

Y’all. Y’all. I made my pin up hair dreams come true in November!!! I purchased my first set of hot rollers by Remington. It cost about $30 at Walmart. And the pin-up look is so easy to do with these sweet, little devices.

No 4 Thermal Styling Spray, pins, and clips

Basically, I sectioned my hair first with clips. Then, I sprayed a thermal hair protectant on. I used No. 4’s Thermal Styling Spray. After, I just rolled the hair away from me using the large and medium rollers, clipped, and hairsprayed with Frizz Ease. I leave my rollers in for about 20 minutes, til they have cooled down. Then…voila!

Hair in Remington Hot Rollers

Pin. Up. Hair!!! (P.S. You can find a ton of videos an tutorials online that are way better than my explanation.)




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