EOS Pomegranate Berry lip balm and NYX Butter Gloss

REVIEW: Lip Products – EOS, LUSH, Nyx

I’ve been going through mad lip products these past two months. Of course, I like EOS. It’s just not as moisturizing as some of its counterparts. It’s well designed, making it easy to find in your makeup bag or purse.The NYX butter gloss is the bomb! The color is this lovely muted rose pink that reminds me of Brigitte Bardot and 60s French pop music. It gives great color and lasts for quite a while. Also, who can hate on a company that’s cruelty free? Amirite?

LUSH Honey Trap Lip Balm

Which brings me to LUSH’s Honey Trap….which is EXACTLY WHAT IT IS. (A honey trap, by the way, is a method to seduce somebody. Think Mata Hari.) I was so disappointed at this product’s size. It’s like the size of a quarter, and it cost $7.50. Fine. I like LUSH, so I was willing to go on this journey. What kinda bummed me out though was that it didn’t moisturize like how I was expecting. It felt kinda oily and stayed on top of my lips. I mean, I still use it but…I kind of frown when I do.

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