REVIEW: Freeman’s Mud Pac Face Mask

Freeman's Face Mask Mud Pac in Blue

So, basically, I get really lazy sometimes and when I run out of face wash, I use face masks in the morning. It’s not really a bad thing, but face masks are like the spaghetti night of skincare – you’re really supposed to have one once a week. (Actually, I don’t know if this is true…)

I tried Freeman’s anti-stress mask a few weeks back. I picked this up at Ulta, but you can find them at Wal-Mart as well, usually for pretty cheap. The smell was very fragrant, like clean linens or laundry detergent. It didn’t bug my sensitive skin, and the color was REALLY REALLY BLUE.

Freeman's Mud Pac on Face

I felt like it cleaned my face well enough after my  workout. It definitely toned down the redness. There  was so much product in the pouch; I had to use the  whole contents. That’s what makes Freeman’s face  masks annoying because you can’t reseal it. The product itself is pretty affordable, and  they’re also vegetarian, so that’s a plus.

Would I recommend it? Sure. If you can’t make it to a LUSH store or the spa, this little  product will work just fine.


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