REVIEW: Completely Bare Bikini Bump Blaster Pads

I’ve heard tell that ingrown hairs happen to people who have curly or wavy hair. Seeing as how my hair is naturally wavy, I have this problem. I do everything I can to stop it from being a problem by exfoliating with a cactus cloth, but I always have a few ingrown hairs nonetheless. Anyway, I was looking for a product recommended to me by a former aesthetician called Tend Skin. I couldn’t find it at Ulta, but I did find these pads. Completely Bare Bikini Bump Pads claim to solve the ingrown hair problem. Well…let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Completely Bare Bikini Bump Blaster ingrown hair eliminating pads

For a container of 50 pads, it cost close to $10. They reminded me of those Clearasil acne pads I used in middle school. I’ve used them on my legs sporadically starting the second or third week after a wax. In addition to exfoliating with a cactus cloth, I didn’t especially notice this product stopping the red bumps or even bringing up the ingrown hairs. Is it worth it? Meh. Maybe not.

Catastrophe Cosmetic LUSH Cosmetics Fresh Face Mask

REVIEW: Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask

Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask On Face

I bought this product back in October after I visited the LUSH Cosmetics store in St. Louis. It was well worth the money. This face mask is thick and has actual chunks of blueberries in it. The smell is delightful, and it has a cooling effect on the skin. I leave it on for about 10 minutes, and by that point, it’s pretty dry and starts to flake off. The flakiness can get annoying, especially if you’re eating with this on. It definitely cooled my skin and cleansed it. Whereas the Freeman’s Mud Pac left my skin dry-ish, this made my skin feel soft and moisturized. Definitely, well worth the money, and I would absolutely recommend this.




For all those curious about what brush is which…#bbloggers

This may seem like an odd thing to address – but I’m sick of picking up what I think is my designated powder brush and trying to get rid of the glare on my forehead and instead smearing bright pink blusher all over it!

My powder and blusher brushes look so similar! The one I use for my powder is slightly bigger than the other one, but it’s pretty hard to tell when you’re in a hurry and they’re mixed in with all the other brushes.

DSCN1533I got the Real Techniques (Nic’s picks) brushes for christmas which luckily included a cheek brush so I no longer have that problem, but I thought I’d still share my previous solution with you guys! It may seem obvious, but it took months of a pink forehead for me to work this out…

DSCN1534Mark the handle! I just used a bit of red nail…

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Pin Up Girl Hot Set Hair

HOW TO – Pin Up Girl Hair With Remington Hot Rollers!

Y’all. Y’all. I made my pin up hair dreams come true in November!!! I purchased my first set of hot rollers by Remington. It cost about $30 at Walmart. And the pin-up look is so easy to do with these sweet, little devices.

No 4 Thermal Styling Spray, pins, and clips

Basically, I sectioned my hair first with clips. Then, I sprayed a thermal hair protectant on. I used No. 4’s Thermal Styling Spray. After, I just rolled the hair away from me using the large and medium rollers, clipped, and hairsprayed with Frizz Ease. I leave my rollers in for about 20 minutes, til they have cooled down. Then…voila!

Hair in Remington Hot Rollers

Pin. Up. Hair!!! (P.S. You can find a ton of videos an tutorials online that are way better than my explanation.)



EOS Pomegranate Berry lip balm and NYX Butter Gloss

REVIEW: Lip Products – EOS, LUSH, Nyx

I’ve been going through mad lip products these past two months. Of course, I like EOS. It’s just not as moisturizing as some of its counterparts. It’s well designed, making it easy to find in your makeup bag or purse.The NYX butter gloss is the bomb! The color is this lovely muted rose pink that reminds me of Brigitte Bardot and 60s French pop music. It gives great color and lasts for quite a while. Also, who can hate on a company that’s cruelty free? Amirite?

LUSH Honey Trap Lip Balm

Which brings me to LUSH’s Honey Trap….which is EXACTLY WHAT IT IS. (A honey trap, by the way, is a method to seduce somebody. Think Mata Hari.) I was so disappointed at this product’s size. It’s like the size of a quarter, and it cost $7.50. Fine. I like LUSH, so I was willing to go on this journey. What kinda bummed me out though was that it didn’t moisturize like how I was expecting. It felt kinda oily and stayed on top of my lips. I mean, I still use it but…I kind of frown when I do.

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