My Top 3 Most Used Lifestyle Apps

  1. MyFitnessPal – This free app plus my willpower are the reasons why I’ve lost weight and was able to keep it off. I don’t use the social aspect of it because I don’t really have many friends who use this app regularly. What I like the most about this app is the ability to add in foods and how your most used exercises and meals are remembered. The only downside is if you cook a homemade meal, it’s really hard to find the macro nutrients or calorie information so you may have to add ingredients one by one.
  2. ModCloth – I love just browsing this app and getting outfit inspirations. It’s easy to add things to your wishlist or love an item. When you do order something, your order information (including tracking) is right in the app so it’s easily accessible. That’s probably the thing I love the most. The downside is that it makes you want to buy everything. (P.S. It’s free!)
  3. Bunny Free – I mentioned this app last week when I was discussing cruelty free beauty products. I like the scanning feature because it’s really convenient, and it has most common items listed. The downside to this app is that it doesn’t register general search terms. For instance, if you just searched “makeup remover”, you wouldn’t get results for “makeup remover” unless it was in the product name AND it was cruelty free.

What are some apps you use daily? I’m always up for recommendations.

Xx Steph


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