What Body Positive Means For Me

Sometimes I feel like a fraud when I write this blog because I mention being a reformed punk rock chick, and I certainly don’t look like it. I think when the Internet (the public) thinks of punk rock girls they may have in mind a super cute, thin, tattooed girl. I am none of those things, except for the girl part.

I grew up kinda chubby and with no dates or boyfriends in high school. I hated the way I looked in pictures, and never understood the desire to take a lot of them of myself, which was why my Myspace had probably four photos on it. (And, which is why, I’m kind of photo-phobic now.) To top it off, I also dressed really weird. I had worn a studded and patched cutoff jean vest, every kind of plaid mini skirt, band t-shirts, and crazy eye make up. Like hot pink and glitter. Together.

I stopped dressing that way in college because it became a burden and because one day I knew I had to get a job and well, jobs won’t hire you if you look like that. I still listen to the same music and still like the same things. I also went through a big weight flux in college – 145 to 180 pounds. I lost the weight (now 140 lbs.) after two years of hard work and I’ve brought back some of the coolness in my clothing. Because I was pretty cool.

So, how does this relate to being body positive?

I think sometimes the body positive movement can straddle the line at times with allowing people to be complacent in unhealthy lifestyles; this perspective comes from my weight loss. However, and please read this part Internet trolls, I think it’s altogether good because it reminds women that our bodies are not property of the state. That ultimately we do face a lot of factors telling us what is or is not beautiful when we’re fine – even better than fine – just as we are. This is something I have to remind myself of every day. It’s also why I appreciate women like Tess Munster.

I know this is a long read, but, those are my thoughts. Stay tuned – Stephanie


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