#OOTD – The Last Day Of June!

Shirt, shoes, and flats were all purchased at Target.



Now I’m 25…

Last week was my 25th birthday. Yay! I started celebrating my birthday by getting a pedicure last Friday the 13th at Famous Nails in Myrtle Beach. They have a pretty unique rewards program, in the sense that I’ve never seen a nail salon with a rewards program. And I got to watch the World Cup so that was also cool.

Business card and loyalty card for Famous Nails in Myrtle Beach

Then, that following Saturday I went to Dulce Lusso in Myrtle Beach for a massage and facial. I also got some pretty sweet gifts from my friend Nicole who saw 22 Jump Street with me.

Girl in robe taking picture in bathroom at Dulce Lusso in Myrtle BeachNYX Butter Gloss held in hand with blue nailpolishThe Body Shop Sweet Lemon gift set with yellow loofah, body lotion, and shower gel

Pretty solid weekend of celebrating my birth so far. Then on Sunday I got my birthday reward from Starbucks and it was a trenta iced green tea.

Trenta iced green tea from Starbucks with bag from ULTA in background

To bookend, on Monday I got a manicure at Nail Art in Myrtle Beach. Both salons, Famous Nails and Nail Art, have usually provided me with good service. Occasionally, however, I have gone home with cut cuticles on a couple of toes or on a finger which sucks. 

Manicure with Zoya Kristen nail polish

And, on my actual birthday, I got some pretty sweet gifts and ate pizza and cake. So I win. 

Ninja Turtles birthday cake and Mellow Mushroom Kosmic Karma pizza

Eff your beauty standards because I love cake.

Cheers, Steph

Let’s Take A Walk

There have been so many days where I’ve stared longingly out a window at work wondering how lovely, positively delightful, it would be to be outdoors. My office can get drafty, so the warmth of the sun would be more than welcome. And, being sedentary is starting to get to my joints and lower back.

So to remedy these feelings, and to keep looking good and feeling good, I’ve taken to going on short, 30-minute walks after work. It’s just so nice to be outside, to get the creative juices flowing, and to feel free. Like I’m the Khaleesi liberating myself of the chains of this chair. (It’s a Game of Thrones reference, in case you don’t watch.)

Half of beauty, hell even all of it, is how you feel about yourself, and I feel great after a walk or any exercise. What do you do to feel good?

Cheers, Stephanie

Make-up Through The Ages Collab | The 1920s

Really cool & in-depth overview of vintage makeup from the ’20s.

Little Bit Soph

securedownload (22)thisedit

I had never done a blog collaboration before, so when the opportunity to participate in the ‘Make-up Through The Ages’ project I was beyond excited. What’s more, I got my favourite era, the 1920s! It has been encapsulated in loads of amazing films including The Great Gatsby and Bugsy Malone, and I can’t wait to get started in showing you guys how to achieve the look.

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Ode To Summer

We live for Summer.

Well, a lot of us do.

It can be a bummer –

many expectations, all blues.

But, the beach in the morning

is the best at this time.

Quiet & filled with life.

There is no cause for warning

because it’s sublime

watching how the water moves with no strife.

What Body Positive Means For Me

Sometimes I feel like a fraud when I write this blog because I mention being a reformed punk rock chick, and I certainly don’t look like it. I think when the Internet (the public) thinks of punk rock girls they may have in mind a super cute, thin, tattooed girl. I am none of those things, except for the girl part.

I grew up kinda chubby and with no dates or boyfriends in high school. I hated the way I looked in pictures, and never understood the desire to take a lot of them of myself, which was why my Myspace had probably four photos on it. (And, which is why, I’m kind of photo-phobic now.) To top it off, I also dressed really weird. I had worn a studded and patched cutoff jean vest, every kind of plaid mini skirt, band t-shirts, and crazy eye make up. Like hot pink and glitter. Together.

I stopped dressing that way in college because it became a burden and because one day I knew I had to get a job and well, jobs won’t hire you if you look like that. I still listen to the same music and still like the same things. I also went through a big weight flux in college – 145 to 180 pounds. I lost the weight (now 140 lbs.) after two years of hard work and I’ve brought back some of the coolness in my clothing. Because I was pretty cool.

So, how does this relate to being body positive?

I think sometimes the body positive movement can straddle the line at times with allowing people to be complacent in unhealthy lifestyles; this perspective comes from my weight loss. However, and please read this part Internet trolls, I think it’s altogether good because it reminds women that our bodies are not property of the state. That ultimately we do face a lot of factors telling us what is or is not beautiful when we’re fine – even better than fine – just as we are. This is something I have to remind myself of every day. It’s also why I appreciate women like Tess Munster.

I know this is a long read, but, those are my thoughts. Stay tuned – Stephanie