It’s About A 4 Outta 10

In my April Birchbox, I received this sample of Number 4’s Reconstructing Masque. I was intrigued because I’ve used some of Number 4’s products before, namely the heat styling spray and hair spray, and they both worked wonderfully.

Hmm, I think, this must be good! 

Number 4 Reconstructing Masque sample pack

Well, it wasn’t that good. The scent was lovely – reminded me of a lighter musk perfume. But after applying and rinsing as I would a normal conditioner, I noticed my hair feeling frizzy and dry. Not. Cool.

Maybe the humidity added to it. This being the South and all. Maybe I was paranoid or something. All I noticed was my hair felt drier than before.

Won’t buy this product, especially since it has a hefty price tag. Also, the directions are in French! I can’t read French! (Actually, I’m learning, to be fair.)

Stay tuned for another hair mask review next week…




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