No Poo For You? Part Deux – Lemon & EVOO For Your Hair

Olive oil and lemon in measuring cup for hair treatmentSame article from Woman’s Day, same inspiration. To try to find a “no poo” method to treating dandruff.

GASP! She admitted to dandruff?!

Yes, panto crowd. I had a serious bout of dandruff and because I was too lazy to buy shampoo, I used this no poo method. I combined lemon, olive oil, and water. I applied to my hair in the shower and let it sit. Then, I rinsed. Some got into my mouth and I concluded that this could also double as a delicious salad dressing.

But did it work? Yes. It did. My dandruff went away and I was pretty stoked. I did the treatment twice, a week apart. I would definitely recommend trying this.

Even as a salad dressing.

See ya soon,



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