Going to California — Part Uno

I went to California a few weeks ago to get lost. Balboa Park on a sunny day, in San Diego, California

By that time, I had stopped posting on here, which was bumming me out. I had run out of things to say. Some people who I thought were friends said and done some not-so-friendly things.

But that’s not the point of the blog – the negative stuff.

I went to California for five days so I could breathe.

And, I saw a friend who had moved away about seven years ago and would only come back into town sparingly. (And after paying for my plane ticket, I can understand why.) We went out around San Diego and visited a really cool beer bar, got good Mexican food at a place called Miguel’s, then saw a punk show the next day. It was awesome to be treated with a level of kindness I’m not used to seeing men treat women with, both personally and observationally.

Hotel Indigo San Diego collage

I also went to the zoo while I was there and saw so many different kinds of bears. (I just really love bears, guys.) I was too chicken to go to the reptile room. I also wandered around Balboa Park and checked out the museums there. Some of the art mentioned in Monuments Men was at the art museum. San Diego Zoo collage

It reassured me that nice things can happen and people are good – you just have to set a standard for yourself.


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