My Daily Routine – Juicing & Exercise

I was a doubting Thomas when it came to green juice. Not in doubting its health benefits, but its taste.

I’m all about keeping it healthy because I believe when you’re healthy, you feel better, and in turn, look better. I think most people are in agreement on this tenet, right? So my parents got a juicer so I decided to try kale, apple, and pear juice. Well, holy flipping crap was it delicious! I ended up loving it so much I wrote an ode about juicing.

This is how I start my day every day, and my mom even remarked how my skin looked so “clear and beautiful”. I usually drink this after I work out on my at-home spin bike. (Don’t balk. I’ve used that bike nearly every day for two years and lost roughly 40 pounds, in conjunction with a diet.) I can’t go a day without exercise. Again, it makes me feel accomplished, healthy, and energized. Coupled with the green juice, I feel so good inside, and thus, beautiful.

Since confidence and feeling good is an inherent part of beauty, and exercise and healthy (or clean) eating makes you feel better, I suggest trying it once in awhile. Nothing will do for your outside appearance like what you put in your body. I’m not a health professional, of course, but just sharing some wisdom I’ve gained through my experience.

‘Til Wednesday,



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