Is Burt’s Bees Hand Cream Really The One For Me?

This is the second hand cream I’ve decided to review. I started using it around Thanksgiving, and the weather at that time was cold and wet. It cost about $7-8 at my local Kroger. At times I’ve felt like I’ve needed the hand cream, and other times not. (You know, South Carolina weather.) Usually I’ve applied this about once every two hours on my hands and forearms when I’ve needed it.

Lotion 2 Review

I liked the smell of this. It was sweet but a unique sweet. I think it’s the grapeseed oil that’s used in it. It’s Easter egg yellow in color and closer to being a rich cream than a light lotion. Sometimes it felt sticky after application which was annoying to say the least, but it does have honey in it. It would also feel…almost wet after I’d apply it. Again, it could very well be because of the grapeseed oil, but it was odd.

I think it did its job of moisturizing well enough, about as well as the Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream I reviewed previously. Whereas I felt the Caudalie lotion was fit more for Spring or Summer, I think the Burt’s Bees would be good for Autumn or Winter because it is thicker. Wasn’t too stoked on the price, especially for how small the tube was. I believe I pay $9.99 for a 16 oz. bottle of Kiss My Face Honey and Calendula lotion and get well over twice as much. (I don’t know if you can tell by the picture but the Burt’s Bees net wt. is 2.6 oz. Also, the Kiss My Face lotion contains honey but doesn’t have any of the weird stickiness this one does, and similarly is a richer cream.)

Up next I’ll be reviewing Eucerin Skin Calming Daily Moisturizing Cream. Thanks for reading, liking, and following! I appreciate the support. Also, sorry about the haphazard post from Monday. I was up against (my personal) deadline and almost failed to post.

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