EOS? Not Yes…Exactly

Here’s my EOS story: I first saw EOS lip balm in Walmart about two years ago. (I know, I started this post as a hipster. Didn’t mean it. Promise.) I remember I bought the lemon flavored one, that had an SPF 5. Obviously I was instantly attracted to its shape. I mean, talk about the punkest of all lip balms, right? “Screw going with the tube shape, guys, let’s make it look like an EGG.” I remember it working well enough, but I lost it in the office one day, I’m guessing it rolled away. (HAR-HAR-HAR.) I next bought the sweet mint flavored one.

So, when coming up with what lip balms to review, I naturally thought about including EOS. I started using the strawberry flavored one sometime in late November when the weather was going back and forth between dry and cold, and humid and warm. There were times when I needed it more than others.

EOS Strawberry Sorbet open EOS Strawberry Sorbet closed

Here’s the truth I found about EOS, that I knew back then and that I reminded myself of now – it’s not an exceptionally great lip balm. Yeah, it’ll moisturize your lips if you’re looking like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. But it didn’t do a better job than Chapstick Hydration Lock or Burt’s Bees Revitalizing Lip Balm with Blueberry and Dark Chocolate (the review for that will be up next week). Maybe it’s the lip balm you use in Spring or Summer when there isn’t extreme dryness, like I suggested about Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream. 

I would definitely rate this behind Chapstick, in other words.

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My Daily Routine – Juicing & Exercise

I was a doubting Thomas when it came to green juice. Not in doubting its health benefits, but its taste.

I’m all about keeping it healthy because I believe when you’re healthy, you feel better, and in turn, look better. I think most people are in agreement on this tenet, right? So my parents got a juicer so I decided to try kale, apple, and pear juice. Well, holy flipping crap was it delicious! I ended up loving it so much I wrote an ode about juicing.

This is how I start my day every day, and my mom even remarked how my skin looked so “clear and beautiful”. I usually drink this after I work out on my at-home spin bike. (Don’t balk. I’ve used that bike nearly every day for two years and lost roughly 40 pounds, in conjunction with a diet.) I can’t go a day without exercise. Again, it makes me feel accomplished, healthy, and energized. Coupled with the green juice, I feel so good inside, and thus, beautiful.

Since confidence and feeling good is an inherent part of beauty, and exercise and healthy (or clean) eating makes you feel better, I suggest trying it once in awhile. Nothing will do for your outside appearance like what you put in your body. I’m not a health professional, of course, but just sharing some wisdom I’ve gained through my experience.

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My Beauty Philosophy III – Routinely Against The Grain

This post is probably more about my personal style than beauty per se. I’ve always tried to do things differently. I don’t know if it’s because I grew up in a working class home and we just had to make due with what we had, my family and I, or if it’s because I have some mental defect that revolts when everyone seems to flock to a thing. 

When all the girls in school wore their hair straight as a bone, I left my mane wavy and thick.

When all the girls in school wore plain jeans and a t-shirt, I dressed obnoxiously in studded denim vests with patches, and mini skirts with neon tights. (Apparently, I was WAY ahead of my time. Like DEATH, the band.)

I was never afraid of glitter eyeliner and bright pink eyeshadow. Hell, I could’ve very well have been a drag queen in a past life.

That’s the punk rocker inside my heart slam dancing to her own beat. I think by doing things differently, at least thinking so at that time, that’s probably why I have an aversion to complex beauty routines or baroque make up stylings.

Which is partially why I started this blog. To show different options one can adopt into her daily routine. Simple, easy, (mostly) affordable products that help you be the best you, however you define it, so you can bend the world to your will.

I don’t think any of this made sense. Maybe…

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My Ode To My Christmas Gifts

Christmas was wonderful –

presents did abound.

Products by Naked & Sephora were plentiful,

and very much did astound.

But the best gift

was the food & time

with family & friends.

No product can lift

my heart to the sublime

like how laughter blends.

Is Burt’s Bees Hand Cream Really The One For Me?

This is the second hand cream I’ve decided to review. I started using it around Thanksgiving, and the weather at that time was cold and wet. It cost about $7-8 at my local Kroger. At times I’ve felt like I’ve needed the hand cream, and other times not. (You know, South Carolina weather.) Usually I’ve applied this about once every two hours on my hands and forearms when I’ve needed it.

Lotion 2 Review

I liked the smell of this. It was sweet but a unique sweet. I think it’s the grapeseed oil that’s used in it. It’s Easter egg yellow in color and closer to being a rich cream than a light lotion. Sometimes it felt sticky after application which was annoying to say the least, but it does have honey in it. It would also feel…almost wet after I’d apply it. Again, it could very well be because of the grapeseed oil, but it was odd.

I think it did its job of moisturizing well enough, about as well as the Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream I reviewed previously. Whereas I felt the Caudalie lotion was fit more for Spring or Summer, I think the Burt’s Bees would be good for Autumn or Winter because it is thicker. Wasn’t too stoked on the price, especially for how small the tube was. I believe I pay $9.99 for a 16 oz. bottle of Kiss My Face Honey and Calendula lotion and get well over twice as much. (I don’t know if you can tell by the picture but the Burt’s Bees net wt. is 2.6 oz. Also, the Kiss My Face lotion contains honey but doesn’t have any of the weird stickiness this one does, and similarly is a richer cream.)

Up next I’ll be reviewing Eucerin Skin Calming Daily Moisturizing Cream. Thanks for reading, liking, and following! I appreciate the support. Also, sorry about the haphazard post from Monday. I was up against (my personal) deadline and almost failed to post.

Happy New Year,