My Beauty Philosophy Part II – Keeping It Natural

The second most important part of my beauty philosophy and routine is keeping it natural. Not just using natural products, but sticking to a natural look. I think it evokes the highest level of confidence when you can wear little to no make up and walk down the street with the wind at your back.

Yet again this goes back to my mother. Never once did I ever see her apply foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, or any heavy make up. I think that always stuck with me because she didn’t  put an emphasis on appearance.

Or, she just let her appearance be. 

I stopped applying makeup (eyeliner, mascara, lipstick) in college because I was always running out of time and quite frankly, I didn’t care anymore. And what I noticed is that people still called me pretty either way. I figured if someone was gonna love me, he’d love me without all the gunk and goo.

So that’s why I stick to moisturizers and my CC Cream. Or maybe just a flick of eyeliner and mascara. I never wanna step out on a Wednesday on my way to work and look like I’m heading to an episode of FaceOff. That’s not to say when I go to a special event I may do a smoky eye, but then again, that’s a special event.

In the words of Tess Munster, “Eff your beauty standards.”

’Til Wednesday,



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