My Beauty Philosophy – Part 1

My Beauty Philosophy – Part 1

My philosophy on beauty started with my mother. Growing up, I saw her consistently do one thing that continues to this day – moisturize. Always applying lotion to her hands, I have never seen this woman without a bottle of Jergen’s nearby. Her face routine was also pretty simple: cleanse and moisturize. She used Oil of Olay on her face for years, and eventually moved to Revlon‘s anti-aging skincare products. I say she doesn’t need it. Oh, she’s always drinking water.

After my bouts with acne through my pre-teen and teenage years, I stuck to my mom’s basic routine: cleanse and moisturize. I stick to products that don’t contain harsh chemicals and are formulated for sensitive skin. I also moisturize every morning with coconut oil. I also go through bottles of Smart Water like it’s nobody’s business (don’t worry I recycle, and Smart Water – you’re welcome).

But the routine is simple. The actions here are simple.

Which is the point – simplicity. Beauty doesn’t have to be a complex process, especially with your skin. Your skin is beautiful as it is. Several layers of make up are not needed, which I know is probably shocking to read considering this is a beauty blog. Cleansing, moisturizing, seeing a dermatologist, and using sunscreen are all easy tactics to employ to feel more beautiful. And drinking water.

Now before anyone calls bullcrap, I do use Supergoop’s CC cream, a tinted moisturizer. It doesn’t cover up my skin or look cakey, and my attraction to this product is mainly because it’s SPF 35. (No parabens, petrochemicals, fragrances and it being cruelty free is also a plus.) So, I wouldn’t qualify using this as “several layers of make up”.

Simplicity. Simple care for yourself. KISS Method – Keep It Simple, Stupid. You get the point here.

Maybe it has to do with freedom. If you feel at ease and keep it simple, you don’t have anything to worry about, right? If you’re free from the constraints of how or why or when to apply your make up and what tools to use and that’s not the right eyeshadow and omgyoudon’tdoyourbrowswhatsthematterwithyou! Then you’re probably happier.

To quote Miss Hepburn, “Happy girls are the prettiest”.

Til Wednesday,



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