By that I mean waxing. Waxing is the “big scary W” for women. 

I’ve been getting full leg waxes, on both legs, for close to three years now. It started as a bit of a feminist revolt, or really just my big “F U” to men, beauty standards, and whatever else I was pissed about in 2010. It was the year I had a couple of failed relationships, and I was burnt out. So I thought, “Screw it, No Shave November can go both ways, guys.”

Also, no women really likes shaving. It’s a pain in the ass, takes too long, and razors cost a king’s ransom.

Back to the story… 

Relationships failed, I say screw it, and my leg hair grows out. Now, I have very thick, dark, and wavy Greek hair. My legs looked like the hippie girls’ legs in Without A Paddle. Those leggings sold in China to prevent male attention – the ones that look like hairy legs? Yep, that was me. After I felt like my leg hair grew to a satisfactory length, I called up a local spa and booked an appointment.

The pain. Dear Lord. The pain. That first wax took an hour and a half. It was so painful. It was worse than getting my wisdom teeth removed. I had bruised my ribs while visiting Dublin (Ireland, not Ohio, believe me people have made that mistake), and it was worse than that pain. But after awhile, like with breakups, the pain became easier to deal with. I know the meatier parts of my legs don’t hurt as badly as my shins when I get waxed, but I deal with it. The pain lessened as well because my hair grew out thinner and lighter.

I have spots on my legs where the hair doesn’t grow anymore. Some parts of my legs the hair has gotten so light you can’t even tell there’s hair there. And that’s the benefit of waxing to me. As far as how often I go, it depends on temperature. So I’ll get waxed every four weeks in Summer, but can go up to six weeks in Autumn or Winter. If I’m dating someone, I’ll get waxed more often, of course. My legs usually do get red after the wax, but the redness goes down in a couple of hours.

My favorite place to go? Alba’s Holistic Spa in Myrtle Beach. Alba is fantastic, and if you’re in the Grand Strand area, definitely check her out. Prices are competitive and the wax she uses sticks to the hair, not the skin, so redness and inflammation is minimal.

My suggestion is to try it. At least once. Take some Tylenol beforehand, put in your earbuds and crank the metal, and you’ll be fine.

Til Wednesday,



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