O.P.I, Yeah You Know Me

This is the first bottle of O.P.I I ever owned. Crazy, right?

I bought this top coat at Ulta for about $8.50. I painted my nails on Friday, November 29. The color I used was Zoya’s Raven and Sinful Colors’s Cream Pink. After applying the color, I applied one layer of O.P.I’s Top Coat. I did the design on my nails by dipping a bobby pin in the pink nail color and (attempting) drawing a cone shape.

photo 1photo 2


When I painted my nails, the weather was dry and cold. It remained that way for about five days. Then, the weather became wet and temperatures rose to the 60s. (Again, yay South Carolina weather…) I noticed the polish starting to chip a few days in while I was in the shower. It chipped near the base of the nail where the cuticles are. The polish also seemed to chip near the front of the nail, or my nails were starting to grow long again. Anyway, this is how my nails looked after 7 days:

photo 3


My conclusion? I still prefer the Essie All In One 3-Way Glaze. I was really turned off by the polish chipping after only a few days. Also, the top coat would seem to come off and not the actual color, which was weird. But, this wouldn’t be a bad back up top coat to have. Up next, I’ll be reviewing Sally Hansen’s Nail Strengthening Top Coat.

‘Til Friday,



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