Evolution Of My Routine

I live in coastal South Carolina, where the weather is mild, hot, humid, never cold, humid, hot, maybe chilly, and then hot again. It makes your hair frizzy, your pits sweaty, and your face greasy. Ah, but such is life!

The start of my daily beauty routine probably started in late middle school or early high school, y’know when you start becoming conscious of yourself as a girl. (Or maybe it started even before then in watching my mom cleanse and moisturize her face every day.) Until then I used various cleansers to manage my first pimple outbreaks. Clearasil and Neutrogena were present. I didn’t wear make up until 9th grade, and even then I only stuck to eyeliner, mascara, red lipstick, and the occasional eyeshadow. The more bright and obnoxious something was, I wore. I tried various shampoos to control my frizz, mainly Garnier Fructis Frizz Control. I had bad acne on my back and chest, and the only product that worked was Proactiv. So my routine evolved from a basic cleaning and toning one-two punch and frizz control shampoos. None of these products, by the way, ever truly helped my mane or my skin. Proactiv even stopped having an effect after awhile.

It wasn’t until college and getting on “technology” (my mother’s lingo for The Pill), that I saw my acne clear up. Even at points in my 20s when I wasn’t on “technology”, my outbreaks evened out. I still kept to using a basic cleanser every morning, though, and after I became introduced to natural products in college, I made an effort to use cleansers that were derived from mainly plant sources.

As far as my hair goes, it wasn’t until I left the safe haven (for my wallet) of the $11 haircut at SuperCuts that I was introduced to proper hair care. And by that I mean – product. Product! Why did I never purchase anything until then to control my frizz?! So embarrassing. I swear by Moroccan Argan Oil now, and a new product called It’s A 10. I also found the godsend of shampoos for me – Nature’s Gate Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner. It doesn’t contain any parabens, phthalates, and is vegan. It cleans my scalp and hair, and leaves my locks smooth and satisfied. And it’s inexpensive at about $5.50 per 16 oz bottle at Kroger. Both Moroccan Argan Oil and It’s A Miracle have made the curls and waves in my hair more defined and nearly frizz free.

Perhaps we never truly change who we are. Even in our beauty routines.

‘Til Wednesday,



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