My First Post – Welcome!

Why am I here?

I started a beauty blog because I have tried so many products throughout the years to find what works for me. What makes me feel healthy. What makes me feel confident. What makes me feel beautiful. I have opinions, and dammit! I wanted to share them. (I am woman, hear me…)

The inspiration for RIOT GIRL REDUX came from two different seeds. One, I signed up for Birchbox, and had more products than I knew what to do with so I figured I might as well use my writing skills to, y’know, write about them. Two, after being a vegetarian for awhile (now I’m not, that’s another tale), I was exposed to a much healthier way to eat. This translated to my lifestyle. Exercise became a big part of my day-to-day routine, and I became more conscious of only using and purchasing products that were comprised of natural or mostly natural ingredients. (The semantics of “natural” can be debatable, but that’s not a discussion for this post. Another time, maybe.)

My Routine

I’m a creature of habit. Well, we all are. My morning routine for conquering the day has to go in a specific order or I’m all out of whack. First is exercise, then nourishment, and finally transforming into the fabulous Joan Holloway-esque person I try to emulate.

But that’s all boring.

I have sensitive skin prone to eczema. I also live in coastal South Carolina where about eight months out of the year the weather is humid and hot.

On my face I’ve been using Burt’s Bees Face Wash for Sensitive Skin and moisturizing with Simple Daily Moisturizer and/or Supergoop!. The Burt’s Bees works well – my skin feels clean without being dried out, and soft with no oily feeling. There have even been days where I forgot my moisturizer (a grievous sin, I know) and didn’t even notice because my skin didn’t dry out or feel greasy. I use the Simple Daily Moisturizer after being exposed to Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-on. It’s a company that’s new to the United States, imported from England, and their products don’t contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients. The lotion absorbs directly into the skin and doesn’t leave me feeling like I dunked my face into a deep fryer (after it’s been cooled of course). I then use the Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-on, which I got in my Birchbox, and follow with Benefit Fake-Up. These two products keep me looking well rested, especially on Mondays when I’m not. See: late night punk rock shows and $1 wine nights. Sometimes I’ll finish with Supergoop!, also introduced to me by Birchbox, instead of my daily moisturizer or in tandem with it. Supergoop is a CC cream, similar to a BB cream except it has correcting qualities, and it leaves my skin looking flawless and adds extra sun protection. There were times at the end of summer when I noticed my skin would feel oily after using this product, but now that it’s the end of the year and not so blistering hot or humid, I don’t have that feeling anymore.

This is how I start my day and what helps me feel beautiful and put together – like Joan Holloway, if you will.

In the future I plan to include short DIY and How-To posts with video, and have guest bloggers. I have friends who have a talent for nail art and hair – tattooed and beautiful punk rock gals who have beauty tips of their own to share. One of my best friends is a librarian and she’s been writing reviews of young adult books, and I may have her write a column on the blog.

Stay tuned for more!

‘Til Wednesday,



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