Review: Lolita Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

LOLITA COSMETICS Y’ALL. NUMERO UNO – Their products didn’t cost a damn arm and a leg. Their Laconic Collection runs about $12. And you know what? The color lasts pretty much all day. I didn’t have to touch up or anything. I was surprised. The formula isn’t drying. I bought two of their lipsticks – Weirdo, which is a bright purple, and Berry Berry, a dusty, dark pink. I really like both colors, but I can’t get away with wearing Weirdo to work. Bummer.

Lolita Cosmetics Laconic Liquid Lipstick in Weirdo a bright purpleLolita Cosmetics Laconic Liquid Lipstick in Berry Berry

Review: Aromi Lip Color

aromi swatch in sassy and sweet marsala

Since most popular so-called indie brands are headed by complete douche canoes AND are stupid expensive for no discernible reason, I was please to discover this brand Aromi. I came across them via a Buzzfeed article mentioning the best under-the-radar makeup on Etsy. I decided to try two of their products, a regular lipstick in Sassy, which is the top swatch, and a liquid lipstick in Sweet Marsala. Sassy comes up pretty nude. It’s got a slight pink tint, and I had to really try hard to get it to appear on my ghostly white arm. It was like your average cream lipstick, moisturizing with a bit of color. Sweet Marsala…ah…I loved the color. It’s a berry red. The formula wasn’t as drying as Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which is a problem among long lasting liquid lipstick in general. However, by the end of the regular work day, the color faded considerably. Both lipsticks run about $17. I wasn’t stoked on the price. I would consider buying from them again though, even to have another alternative to the Instagram famous beauty brands out there.

Aromi Liquid Lipstick Sweet Marsala

Review: Skin Food by AB Pit Cream and Lip Tint

Skin Food By AB Product Package

I was really intrigued by Skin Food for AB, and especially stoked that they’re from Ohio. I purchased the pit cream detox because I noticed my deodorant wasn’t working as well, and I figured this product wouldn’t hurt to try. I thought it would be a very thick cream and slightly worried it would cause an eczema attack because it was charcoal based. It turns out it was more like a mousse. It’s very light and fluffy, and the deal is, you put it under your pits for about 10-15 minutes then wipe clean with a warm washcloth. I did this after working out and before my morning shower. I was surprised at the fact it worked. I noticed my clothes weren’t smelly anymore. The second product I bought was a tomato based lip tint. The color is very, very faint. It was hard to get a good swatch because it didn’t look like I was wearing anything on my lips. The tomato scent was faint, but I didn’t care. I love tomatoes. I liked the lip tint was bigger and got more product out of it. It’s not very moisturizing, it’s kind of thick-ish, but I was okay with that.

Skin Food By AB Pit DetoxSkin Food By AB Pit Detox CreamSkin Food By AB Tomato Lip Tint

Ginger and Waldo Lip Balm Review

Who doesn’t need more lip balm? I’m always losing mine so I don’t mind extras.

Simpsons Lip Balm

But the thing is about chapstick, or lip balm, whatever you call it, is that it has the same basic flavors: vanilla latte, sugar cookie, strawberry, cherry…There’s nothing creative about it. That’s why I was stoked to see Ginger and Waldo come up with some creative lip balm flavors.

Ginger and Waldo Lip Balms

Dill pickle! Pizza! Yes, it’s weird. But I like weird. More than that, these balms are super moisturizing. They’re coconut oil based so it goes on like butter. The dill pickle flavor wasn’t as “pickly” for me. The pizza flavor was definitely my favorite one. I love it. It smells just like pizza sauce. The balms are a little more expensive than the average balm, usually around $3. However, the shopowner was super nice and they shipped lightening fast. I will definitely be buying from them again. Most of Ginger and Waldo’s shop is lip balms, scrubs, and lotions.

Fat and the Moon Review

So, it’s been awhile since I posted a review. Or anything. I started looking for a new job (and got one!), and that pretty much consumed my life for a few months. Since I’m sick right now, I figure it’s a great time to start blogging again. Also, yay green juice and Netflix documentaries!

kim possible sick

I’ve been using Queen Bee Apothecary’s deodorants for several months now. I noticed recently that it wasn’t working as well as it normally does. My clothes were smellier even after a day of normal wear. I then happened upon a Buzzfeed article about indie brands on Etsy, so I started to peruse these shops. Fat and the Moon was one of these shops. I decided to sample their Lil Deodorant Cream and Lil Sensitive Pit Cream.

Fat and the Moon Deodorant Creams

I used both creams and didn’t have any allergic reaction which is nice. Both are lemon scented and kind of reminded me of Tom’s of Maine’s Deodorant. I used both during a regular day at work, and I work an office job, and before circuit training. I felt like they worked pretty well. My clothes weren’t smelly, and after the gym I didn’t raise my arm and have the pits of death smell. The one downside to this product, though, is that you have to wash your hands after you apply it  because duh, you’re using your hands to apply the cream. I would definitely consider buying a full size though.

Fat and the Moon Deodorant Creams Sample

How I Built My Confidence

Confidence is something that always eluded me. I’m naturally an introvert and shy. I was the classic punk rocker in high school, and chubby, so no guy wanted to date me. I’ve heard so many times that, “You’re a cool girl, but I just don’t think of you that way”, or some variation of that phrase. I’ve been cheated on and manipulated by men I loved. It made me question if I’ll ever find love, was it my looks? my age? my ability in bed? my intelligence? I’ve suffered a job loss. That made me question if I’ll ever have security or peace of mind again. It took some work and it’s been a process, but this is how I built and re-built my confidence:

  1. Exercise. I know there’s this whole Eff Your Beauty Standards/Body Positivity movement, however, I was not happy at 180 lbs. It was a hard two years, but I lost the weight and then some. I certainly don’t have what people consider a perfect body, but I love MY body.
  2. Faith. It’s not cool to declare yourself a Christian or person of any kind of faith even, but my church really helped me. I knew no matter what no one has the final word on me but God. So suck it, world.
  3. Good people. My parents are rad. I have some solid friends. I know if someone makes me feel like an asshole, I can run the situation by Brittany or Amanda and they’ll give it to me straight.
  4. Me. Reminding myself of who I am and the things I like. Punk rock. Red lipstick. Scandinavian shows. Writing stories. Realizing this is who I am and accepting it.

I love myself Kendrick Lamar

Why I Quit Birchbox

I have been a Birchbox subscriber since 2011. I remember catching wind of this company while reading a copy of Cosmo. Someone asked how they could try samples of beauty products, and Birchbox and Glossybox were both mentioned. Glossybox was more expensive, so I opted to do a month-to-month subscription with Birchbox.

At first, the samples weren’t bad. It was hit or miss, but eventually they hit their stride and started sending me products that were cool. Granted, several of the products they sent me I couldn’t afford in full sizes, but I loved them! It was neat getting a present each month, and for $10 I ended up receiving samples that would come in handy if I was traveling or just happened to run out of shampoo or conditioner.

Birchbox Wings

Well, as time went on, I became non-plussed. A lot of the samples were just “meh”. Anytime I would get an eyeshadow, it was a nude shimmery shadow. I WOULD ONLY GET PINK LIPSTICK. So annoying. I said in my profile that I was interested in face and hair care, but there were times I would end up with so many shampoo + conditioner samples I would run out of room in my shower. Several of these products, like I’ve mentioned before, I couldn’t even afford in full sizes.

Stanley Eyeroll

So, what’s a girl to do? All things considered, it was NOT worth $110 a year. I started perusing online and found out I wasn’t the only one. In a article, they talk about if this is the end of Birchbox. I emailed and called the company and requested they cancel my subscription. I received my last box in November. Someone I work with gave me her unused October Ipsy bag. I loved it! The eyeshadow and lipstick were actual colors – reddish brown for the eyeshadow, and a berry color for the lipstick. I don’t think I could afford it at this time, but maybe one day!

There are several blog posts and articles online discussing how much Birchbox sucks. This post by MommyReporter discusses another important flaw in Birchbox – they don’t particularly cater to women of color. Now despite my whiteness, I don’t dig if a company doesn’t look to represent women of different races. If you’re a makeup company only swatching your shadows and lipsticks on white skin, to me that illustrates your shortsightedness and I’m not down to support that. My friends who are POC have said the fact that Birchbox sends them certain types of hair products is irritating because they have chemical relaxers in their hair and they can’t use an average clarifying shampoo, for instance.

Farewell, Birchbox.

Bye Felicia